Mt. Mitchell

231 Ft Hydrographic Research Ship
The R/V Mt. Mitchell is a USCG inspected hydrographic research vessel managed by Global Seas. First commissioned as a survey ship for NOAA in 1967, the vessel was purchased in 2001 by Mt. Mitchell LLC and completely refurbished with the latest in electronics, machinery, and safety equipment. The vessel arrived in Seattle in 2003 to begin her career as the only privately owned west coast research vessel with the ability to map the ocean down to 11,000 meters. The Mt. Mitchell is an ideal vessel for most types of oceanographic research operations including, but not limited to: oceanographic mapping, sub bottom surveys, geophysical research, cable route surveys, and pipeline surveys. 

State-of-the-Art Full Ocean Mapping Capability
The Mt. Mitchell is outfitted with today’s most advanced underwater mapping equipment and maps at speed between 7 and 8 knots.  To ensure clean data and reliable performance, the transducers are installed in a gondola to keep them in clean water flow and free from turbulence in all workable sea state conditions. The vessel is equipped with stabilization tanks and anti-roll chocks to eliminate much of the vessel’s natural roll making it an ideal platform for surveying.

Kongsberg EM 120
2x2 degree multibeam echo sounder
12 kHz operating frequency
Depth range to 11,000 meters
Coverage area of a single swath can be up to 25 KM
Designed to produce a regular patter of sounding on the bottom to obtain quality mapping
Premium choice to achieve efficient mapping of large oceans

Kongsberg EM 710 Full Performance
2x2 degree multibeam echo sounder
70 – 100 kHz operating frequency
Water column and bathymetry
Depth range from less than 3 meters to approximately 2,000 meters
High to very high resolution
Swath width up to 5.5 times the water depth

Ship Details and Additional Research Equipment
Ice-strengthened hull
545 sq ft. computer lab
Comfortable accommodations for 49 client personnel
10 Ton A-Frame
3,000 sq. ft of combined deck space
Stainless steel, ice-strengthened, three blade propellers installed in 2010 to provide ideal mapping conditions
Large mess and spacious lounge
Superior VSAT communication system
Two launches for shallow water surveying – 32 ft R/V Mt. Augustine (ADD LINK) & 25 ft. Mt. Shishaldin
SOLAS compliant
Safety Management System approved by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) & United States Coast Guard (USCG)

Global Seas has the experience required to operate a vessel of superior quality and provide the highest level of service, while always putting client safety first.  We employ skilled crew and in-house engineers who recognize the individual needs of clients as they analyze each project step-by-step from pre-engineering to demobilization.  The Mt. Mitchell has vessel operations experience spanning many industries including:

  • Regional Scale Nodes (RSN) Underwater Observatories Initiative - Seafloor Mapping on Oregon coast.
  • Leading Oil Exploration Corporation - Geophysical Survey in Chukchi & Beaufort Seas
  • NOAA – Seafloor Mapping of Pribilof Canyon, Unimak Pass, Upper Cook Inlet
  • TeSubcom - Unity Cable Route from Adak, AK to Japan
  • TeSubcom - AKORN Cable route from Oregon to Homer, AK
  • Nauticos – Survey in search of Amelia Earhart’s plane
  • USCG – Lead vessel in Selendeng Ayu oil spill cleanup

The Mt. Mitchell is named after the highest mountain east of the Mississippi which is located in North Carolina. This multi-purpose ship worked the waters of the United States including the Virgin Islands as a hydrographic survey and seafloor mapping ship. As an oceanographic ship, its operations extended from the North Atlantic to the Persian Gulf. During its highly diversified career, the Mt. Mitchell helped make our nation’s waterways safer by conducting hydrographic surveys along the Atlantic Coast, the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean Sea. The ship even passed through the Panama Canal and went north to Alaska for survey work. The vessel was decommissioned in 1995.

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